Hello and welcome to Boo Wholefoods. I’m on a mission to show that living a balanced life is not an unattainable dream, but in fact, an easily accessible reality. I believe that what we eat, the exercise we do and how we feel are all connected, all three are key components for a healthy and happy life. I want to make healthy, wholefood living the new normal.

I have a condition called endometriosis, where patches of endometrium tissue grow outside the area it’s supposed to. At its worst, it causes pain, nausea, extreme tiredness and bloating. I had my first excision surgery in December 2017 and I try to make good choices every day to keep the symptoms of endo away. Although it is inevitable it will return at some point, I’m doing everything in my power to remain healthy and pain-free for as long as possible.

I like coconut, anything made with oats, and hazelnut truffles. I am a gluten free foodie due to a severe intolerance. My drink of choice is red wine. I have one sister, my parents run a B&B and I’ve been with my lovely boyfriend for seven years. I live in Bristol and I love exploring the foodie culture nearby.

I love connecting with people through social media to share ideas and provide inspiration. I would love to hear what type of posts you would like to see, so please leave a comment in the section below. You can follow me on Twitter and Instagram too. For further enquiries, please email me boowholefoods@gmail.com

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  1. Hiya thanks for dropping by my blog – really appreciate it 🙂 Couldn’t find a place to comment on your Eat well on a budget page but definitely practise this too! I truly believe not-unhealthy, seriously good food that’s affordable is achievable and strive to create recipes that fall in this category 😀

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  2. Nice to meet you! I have a severe intolerance/sensitivity to gluten too. As badly as I feel for you that you suffer so much from it (it’s awful, isn’t it?), it’s nice to have company 🙂 And your food looks amazing! Budget cooking without cheapening nutrition or flavor = my dream come true.

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  3. Hi! Thrilled you dropped by my site. Please do have a look at the post on Dolly Delights. The dog biscuits are for human consumption and I will be adding to it because I have found that the pulp from cold pressed juicing can be used to make great crackers and pastry and am now doing that!

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  4. Hi Rebecca, thanks for dropping by my blog and liking the gluten-free birthday cake I made for my sister. Love your blog and appreciate you sharing so freely! Best wishes for continuing on your pain-free path. I find cutting out grains and sugar pretty much keeps pain in check. Looking forward to following your journey! Anna

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