Feast to (not quite) famine 

What a difference a week makes! Last week was all about beautiful food and decadence, and this week, it’s been a difficult to eat a full meal. 

I had a rough start to the week, I had to take some time off work, which I really hate doing. I had endo pain, combined with digestion issues and complete lack of appetite. I thought a break for my insides would help, so I finished my simple supper of fish and mashed potatoes by 8pm and then didn’t eat again until 11am the next day. I had a couple of cups of tea in the morning and broke my fast with some dry cornflakes. I felt more settled and thought that everything was fine . . . 

. . . Until I was dashing to the toilet again. I tried simple food. I tried tea. It was time for medication, which we all know, brings its own set of issues. 

So this week hasn’t been particularly outstanding for food. I’ve gravitated towards old favourites, sausages and mash, quite a bland stir fry and pasta bolognese. I’ve found that I could manage dinner, but breakfast and lunch were a bit more difficult to manage. I’ve snacked a lot more this week, which did give me a chance to try Hippeas for the first time. Very tasty, can’t wait to try the other flavours. 

I’ve got a bit stronger as the week has gone on and today, I’ve managed breakfast, lunch and probably dinner with minimal issues. I can’t say what upset my stomach. I don’t know if it’s truly endo related, or due to recent stress about my job. 

In job news, I’ve decided to leave my current role to return back to my old job with the District Nurses. I’m so pleased about this move. It will be less of a commute, return to a much more fast paced job and it gives me invaluable support with my ongoing endometriosis. I’ve got to work three weeks notice, but then it’s back to normal. 

I’m hoping my tummy will settle down now that I know what’s happening with my job. It’s very easy to see how people fall into traps of spending ridiculous money on supposed ‘cures’. I wish I had the answer, a guarantee that one pill or one style of eating would definitely make me feel much better. But unfortunately, it’s all trial and error, and I find that simple carbohydrates, cooked vegetables and plenty of water helps to keep me fairly stable. I’ve just got to keep doing my best. 

I’ve been really enjoying simple flavours and foods

I hope you’ve got a wonderful week planned. We’re doing some more cooking with Jamie this week, as well as making a few dishes from this very blog. And don’t worry, my appetite never stays away for too long! 

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