I. Got. Pills

I gotta take, but I still work, full time, every day.

I hope LunchMoney Lewis won’t mind me modifying his song lyrics slightly to fit my situation, because that’s where I’m at right now. I feel a bit stuck between taking my full dose of medication and actually continue to do well at my job and manage my work load. 

It’s not just painkillers I’m taking in the hope of controlling endo

It might sound crazy to some people to not take your full dose, but hear me out. Painkillers come with a range of side effects, all of them are unpleasant. Sometimes, I feel like I would rather grit my teeth and face a bit of pain then feel nauseous and dizzy at my desk. I try to get away with the minimum about of pills to make me feel capable and go about my normal day. 

But I’ve definitely had the feeling of hitting a wall and thinking, sod this, load me up! Sometimes, I take my full allowance, and I still have niggling pain in my hips, lower back and bottom. That’s the point where I really struggle and I start to worry about just how bad my endo might be. Hopefully, I’ll be getting some answers on that soon, as my consultant appointment is next week. 

I’ve been laid up in bed recently so there hasn’t been anything exciting happening in the kitchen, which is also why I haven’t been able to blog as consistently as I would like. I did get Anna Jones’ A Modern Way to Eat as an early birthday present though, so I’m looking forward to cooking with that. I’ve also been having thoughts about sugar and activity levels, so I’m sure there will be posts on those topics very soon. Speaking of posts, this is number 100 on Boo Wholefoods which is fantastic! Thank you so much for the encouragement and support that makes my blog what it is 😊

2 thoughts on “I. Got. Pills

  1. Thanks for sharing with us Boo. Never an easy decision. My sciatica wakes me most nights and I think do I lay here and hope it will pass or do I get up and take painkillers? The frustration of the pain is as bad as the pain itself 😦

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