Cooking as therapy

I was stood under the shower thinking about the weekend just gone. I was thinking what had happened and when was it going to happen again. I was thinking about my hip pain and my back pain. I was thinking about normality. I was thinking about my mum and my boyfriend and doctors appointments and letting people down and I had butterflies in my tummy and tears in my eyes and I thought to myself – babe, you need to get in the kitchen. 

I pulled out all the pots and all the bowls and started measuring out all of the ingredients for muffins. I had plenty of ripe fruit lingering in my kitchen, so before I knew it, I had a tray of banana muffins in the oven, plus two pots on the go of stewed fruit. 

One pot of apple and plum, and one pot of apple and blackberry

When I was slicing up the apples and plums for my compote, I felt my shoulders relax. It was the rhythmic chopping and smell of baking bananas that brought me back down to earth. I often make excuses when I’m not feeling well that I can’t cook. It hurts, it takes too long, I’m tired. But my baking session the other day taught me the value of cooking they may have been lost due to everything else that’s been going on. It’s just so relaxing.

Before having investigations for endo, I would be in the kitchen most days. I do tire more easily, but when I’m feeling up to it, I really should prioritise my cooking. It makes me feel more like me. I’ve been offered counselling and group sessions but what really helps me is the thing that has always helped me – food. 

Banana muffins spread with peanut butter and topped with stewed fruit, honey and chopped mixed nuts

I would recommend cooking as a therapy and as an excellent stress reliever. Do you find cooking relaxing? What’s your favourite thing to make when you’re feeling out of sorts? Tell me all about it in the comments section or come find me on Instagram @boowholefoods 


56 thoughts on “Cooking as therapy

  1. Cooking is definitely a form of therapy for me! Getting lost in methodical slicing or stirring just empties my brain sometimes. My belief is that there’s no one recipe for self-care, only that you sprinkle it in as often as you can!

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    • I know exactly what you mean, it’s the rhythm of it that’s so relaxing. You’re so right, little and often is definitely the way forward when it comes to self care 😊 Thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts.

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  2. Nice post, I hope you are feeling better. Personally, cooking helps me look towards the future and get out of the nasty present. As I start measuring and cutting I usually also think about the delectable end result.

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    • That’s very kind of you to say, thank you 😊 I know what you mean, sometimes I see cooking dinner as a chore, but when I take the time to cherish it, I find it very relaxing 😊


  3. Cooking helps me a lot to feel better, I also feel like excercise makes me feel the same way as well. The most therapeutic food that I cook is sourdough bread, I love to maek fermented foods!

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