Make hay whilst the sun shines

I have my good days and my bad days. That’s not strictly true. Sometimes I have a delightful morning, then the whole afternoon is a write off. Or I wake up feeling awful, but settle into the day by the evening. One thing I’m learning about living with endometriosis is that neither type of day lasts forever. Sometimes I get a stretch of bad days where I can’t do anything except watch YouTube in bed. Some days, it’s like nothing ever changed and I’m back to my old self, pottering round my flat or cooking up a storm. But they both pass and are replaced by the other.

(un)Luckily, endo tends to be cyclical, so I have longer stretches of good days than the bad ones. But that doesn’t stop the odd flare up knocking me out for the count. On my bad days, I take a deep breath, have a huge cry, cuddle up with a hot water bottle and make peace with the fact that I’m going to be bed bound for most of the day. I eat small amounts of nutritious food, have plenty of tummy tea and try not to get upset with myself.

On my good days, I’m normally raring to go! But I force myself to be gentle, to be mindful of how I’m feeling as I move through my tasks. If I’m feeling ok after completing one thing, then I go on to the next one. If I’m feeling a bit tired or sore, I have a little rest and a cup of tea. I like to get things done on these days that will benefit my off days, so I write a few blog posts or do a bit of batch cooking. That way, I get a little boost of feeling productive, even when I’m laid up in bed.

I love being able to cook my favourite meals on my brighter days

I’m hoping as time goes on and I have more investigations, I’ll be able to fully control my endo cycle and know when the bad days are coming. I’m still in the early stages of learning about this condition at the moment, so I just have to make the most of every day as it comes.

I think even if you don’t have a chronic condition, we all have days that are better than others. Do you have a favourite activity on your good days? What do you like to do on your bad days? Tell me all about it in the comments section or come say hi on Instagram @boowholefoods

4 thoughts on “Make hay whilst the sun shines

  1. Bad days- bed and movies, and typically bad food choices, though I’m working on that. Good days- doing stuff that’s been neglected is very satisfying
    Prior to the surgery, bad days= all day in bed. lots of medication, sleep, and tv in the interim

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