Setting intentions

I enjoyed a lovely week off work last week with my partner, Lawrence. We didn’t go away on holiday, but instead spent time doing our favourite things and discovering places in our own city. We did fun things, like seeing the new Spider-Man movie (it’s amazing!) and adult things, like organising our finances. It was a good week.

One of the best days was spent exploring a whole new part of Bristol that we haven’t ventured to before. We wandered around, checked out the local shops, had lunch and weighed up all our options. We’d like to buy a flat at some point, which is not easy in the current climate. But this new area is more affordable than where we currently live and would be close enough to work. It also had all the necessities I need to function nearby – organic store, grass-fed butcher and an abundance of coffee shops. 

Amazing street art we found on our walk

As we walked, I really evaluated what I want my life to be. I want to have access to organic supplies because the organic movement is important to me. I want to make choices that benefit others, not just myself. I want to make a difference with my writing. It’s amazing how much a walk can make your mind fly. 

I want to start making my own organic beauty products

These are things I can make happen for myself and that’s incredibly exciting. My New Years’ resolution was to move towards an organic lifestyle and I haven’t been proactive with that recently. But there’s always time to make changes and set new goals and make things happen. I’m looking forward to supporting organic businesses more where we live now, and to continue this trend when we move. 

Do you like to buy any organic products? What was your 2017 resolution? Tell me how you are doing with it in the comments section below, or come say hi on Instagram @boowholefoods 


12 thoughts on “Setting intentions

  1. Nice article! I like using/buying organic products/produce as often as possible. I make my own cream using coconut oil, vitamin e oil, and lavender essential oil. It’s great on dry hands, lips, and amazing on burns!

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  2. It’s amazing how free your mind becomes as you just wander isn’t it. I’m trying my best to eat organic and buy ethical, it’s hard though at times. At the moment with fresh food I’m making sure I buy the dirty dozen as organic.

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  3. I am sold on organic. It started with milk – what a difference. I can’t drink the regular stuff with any enjoyment anymore. Produce tastes better, too, if it is locally sourced. Organic shipped in just disappoints.

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    • I really agree with what you said about local produce. The apples that come from literally down the road are the best I’ve ever tasted. We always buy organic milk, almond milk and meat now.


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