Modern mindfulness

Sometimes I get upset. I get frustrated the most when I don’t have the energy to do day-to-day things that normally would have been easy for me. Like popping to the shop, or folding up the laundry. On certain days, standing at the sink doing the dishes is an uphill battle. On these days, I’m learning to hold up my hands, admit that I’m having an off day and go and chill. But sometimes Netflix isn’t enough to take your mind of things, so I’ve been investigating mindfulness techniques that will help me switch off.

There’s only so much yoga a girl can do!

I’m not really one for sitting cross legged on the floor and emptying my mind. One, because ouch, two, because as much as over-thinking stresses me out, a little bit of thinking helps me to stay in control and content. Also, I find a vague sense of accomplishment quite relaxing, it’s almost reassuring me that I’m not completely useless. I’ve always enjoyed colouring and cross stitching as relaxing hobbies that end with a finished piece. I like the rhythmic quality of both of these activities and colour tends to make me feel better, kind of like when you put on a bright dress and feel a bit brighter yourself.

One other modern mindfulness technique that you don’t read about is gaming. I think if you can absorb yourself into a game and think about planning or strategy, it can be a great way to switch of thoughts that are getting in the way. Recently, I restarted my copy of Animal Crossing on my 3DS. Yes it’s pink, yes I love it. It’s a basic game of role play, mini games and design. It’s childish, creative and a nice way to escape. I choose to think about my character in the game, making decisions about furniture and gardens instead of worrying about my next endo flare up. I personally think games and gaming are a great way to switch off from other modern worries.

Do you have a foolproof mindfulness activity? What’s your favourite way to relax? I would love to hear all about it, so feel free to leave a comment down below. Or come say hi on Instagram @boowholefoods


23 thoughts on “Modern mindfulness

  1. I like your choice of mindfulness techniques. I too do cross stitch and coloring. And I used to play animal crossing years ago. Fun game! I like to immerse myself in sewing projects and gardening. As a stay-at-home mom I need these things to stay sane.

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    • Thank you so much for sharing your own techniques. I’ve been really enjoying my cross stitch projects lately, they’re a very rhythmic way of taking time out. You definitely need your me time as a mom! Thanks for stopping by 😊

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  2. Love this. I totally agree sometimes there are days when Mia and I both over-think so much and we get really stressed. Trying to do nothing is hard too because it feels like time is being wasted. I like your suggestions on mindfulness techniques, one thing we have been doing together keeping ourselves busy by going to yoga classes where they share uplifting thoughts with you. Another is baking/ cooking for someone else. Thinking of others has definitely been a great source of strength and happiness because you feel so fulfilled and it makes someone else’s day too!

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  3. You know I had a similar experience with gaming when I was suffering with severe anxiety last year. My friend was playing League of Legends on his laptop and suggested I join in. Each game lasts around 45 and you have to concentrate so hard on the game that there is no room for anxiety and panic in your head. But then of course comes the issue for getting addicted to gaming…

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    • That’s really interesting, thank you for sharing your experience. That’s what I’m finding too, it takes me out of my own head for awhile 😊 I’m sure there are worst addictions out there!


  4. Interesting view I like rock climbing. I find it very absorbing, planning where to put your feet and what holds to grab. I like my mind to be focused and in the moment. Running just doesn’t do it for me, my mind wonders.

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