Chicken and chorizo rice 

I accidentally co-created an Instagram hashtag this week – #humblehealthyfood The idea is a movement against the picture perfect Insta meal, ones made with exotic ingredients and random bits scattered over the table. We’re showcasing the humble dishes that form the backbone of getting meals on the tables during the week. The lunch box fare that’s quick to make. The dishes that might not be ‘Insta worthy’ but are damn tasty. Just like this recipe.

I’m impressed with chorizo, it’s such good value for money. A link can easily last three meals for two, because a little goes a long way. I used cheaper chicken thighs for maximum flavour and a range of easily accessible vegetables. If you can get your hands on the good smoked paprika, I would definitely recommend it. 

Chicken and Chorizo Rice

Makes 3 portions

Prep your ingredients. De-seed and finely slice one red pepper. Peel and finely slice one red onion. Top and tail one courgette and slice into half moons. Set aside the veg in a bowl whilst you prepare the meat.

Chop two chicken thighs into chunks. Slice a third of a link of hot chorizo lengthways, then cut these discs into quarters. 

Boil the kettle, get the brown rice on the go (roughly 60g per portion) then heat a large pan. Add 1 heaped teaspoon of culinary coconut oil and sauté the veg until soft. Add two peeled and finely chopped garlic cloves.

Add the meat and continue cooking until the chicken is cooked through. Add 1/2tsp dried oregano and 1tsp smoked paprika. Add half a carton of chopped tomatoes.

Dilute 1tbsp tomato purée in a little water to form a runny paste, then add this to the dish. Simmer on low until the rice is done. Season near the end with salt and pepper. Combine the rice with the mix and serve. 

We had this hot for dinner last week and Lawrie said the leftovers were excellent, so I meal prepped a batch specifically for lunch boxes this week. I love it when we find a new favourite using value for money ingredients.

What’s your favourite budget friendly dish? Are you going to join in with our hashtag? I do hope so, I’ll be sure to check out your pictures over on Instagram. 


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