Coconut and mango ice lollies

I tried the Schmooze lollies from Sainsbury’s this week, and they were delicious. The ingredients list was good, but I had a feeling I could make my own version cheaper and using up less non-recyclable resources. As luck would have it, I had the key ingredients to spare.

To my blender, I added 1/3 of a perfectly ripe mango, half a banana, two big, heaped tablespoons of thick coconut milk from a tin and a big splash of coconut milk from a carton. I could have added sweetener in the form of honey or coconut sugar, but I figured the ripe fruit and coconut milks were sweet enough.

I blitzed well to ensure no chunks and poured the mixture into my moulds. I had a little leftover in the blender, which I froze for a couple of hours, then served as a delicious soft serve nice cream, topped with cacao nibs, mixed chopped nuts and maple syrup. It was heaven in a bowl and I might make this on purpose next time with extra mixture.

The ice lollies were just what I was hoping for. Creamy, sweet, refreshingly fruity and cooling during the hot weather. For something that was made with odds and ends in the fridge, I was seriously impressed. You could increase or decrease the quantities to fit your lolly moulds, or make a pot of nice cream like I did with the spare.

I love trying a new product, then making my own home made version. What’s your favourite ice lolly? Are you more of a lolly or ice cream person? Tell me all about your faves in the comments section below, or come say hi on Instagram @boowholefoods



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