A dish for my father

My dad is a man of habit. Breakfast is at 8am and he will have Shreddies, toast with marmite and orange juice. At lunchtime, 1 o’ clock precisely, he will have ham and cheese sandwiches, with a banana after. Dinner could be spag Bol, pie and chips, a big curry or a pizza, but it will be served at 6pm. The food and times might vary due to holidays or circumstance, but on the whole, my dad likes routine. It’s a way of life he’s passed on to me, alongside a love of The Beatles, Doctor Who and Formula One. 

On Father’s Day, I wanted to make a meal in his honour, but I couldn’t decide what to make. Dad doesn’t eat houmous or pesto, I don’t like steak or breaded chicken. Eventually, it was Lucy Bee that saved the day with her recipe for Classic Fish and Chips. It was a perfect combination of our tastes; a traditional dish made with whole food ingredients. 

The other important man in my life helped a lot to cook this. Lawrence was really proud of how the chips went, as well he should as they were delicious! With a bit of practice, I reckon this could easily be a weekday dish, it didn’t take long to make at all. 

I had to serve my dinner with a (gluten free) ale, because my dad is a big fan of them. So cheers to you Dad, and happy Father’s Day!

What are you cooking for your dad? Or is he cooking for you? Tell me all about his favourite dish, either in the comments section below or come find me on Instagram @boowholefoods 


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