No surrender

The diet scene in my office is ridiculous. There’s someone doing 5:2, a couple of die hard Slimming World members, a raw vegan and somebody who eats high protein. The conversation starts up and they ask me what do I do, what do I eat. They know I’m gluten intolerant, but aside from that, nothing of note. I eat plenty of vegetables, drink plenty of water, balanced my food groups in my meals and eat chocolate in the evenings.

But that “boring” answer is not what they want to hear, so they start trying to convince me otherwise, telling me I should try this, that and the other, in order to lose weight, tone up, glow, get clear skin, achieve happiness. It’s the same in the online world, people pushing what they believe in.

On one hand, it’s great, you have access to new ideas and new foods that you might not have considered before. But there’s a lot to be said for sticking to your guns. My goal is simple. I want to gain a bit of muscle to lose some jiggle whilst still eating wholefoods. My method works for me, that why I’m sticking with it. You could argue I’m pushing my ideas by simply having this blog, and to some extent, that’s true. I share my thoughts and my recipes in the hope that you will try them and experience similar benefits that I have. But it doesn’t concern me if you don’t. I’m not going to do the hard sell and force you to eat wholefoods or force you to eat meat or force you to eat nut butter.

Even if your diet and exercise regime is not cool or cutting edge, we should all have the courage of conviction to carry on if it’s working for us. Of course, be open to new ideas, especially if what you’re doing currently is moving you forwards towards your end goal. The healthiest life you can live is one that is sustainable and enjoyable to you, whatever it looks like. I know vegans who look amazing, Paleo-eaters who have so much energy and omnivores with fabulous skin.

You shouldn’t give up your path just because of someone in life or online. You don’t have to apologise for the choices you make or say sorry for your version of health. Leave people to their opinions, nod politely and say “oh that’s interesting” but always stay true to what you believe in, what makes you feel good on the inside and what makes you happy.



28 thoughts on “No surrender

  1. I loved this! Thank you for promoting eating healthy and sensibly and sharing your progress and experience with it with others. It seems nobody wants to hear ‘eat your produce and protein’ and ‘be active’ in this day and age – there’s always some better, more magical fad diet that blows thousands of years of human experience with eating and trial and error out of the water, that everyone is sure is THE only way to eat. I’ve had moderate success with physical competitions and have always been moderately to regularly active and eat well, with splurges when the craving (infrequent) hits and due to my small stature am actually healthy somewhere just north of 100 pounds, yet I still have newbie ‘reformed’ (for the moment) exercisers and fad dieters and promoters always trying to tell me about how I would benefit from their latest boot camp or diet drink or cleanse, and it just makes me want to rip my hair out. It sounds like a gloat, but the fact remains I have sparred with black belts, squatted more than the grown men at my gym, and ran 21km competitively and eat 3-6 meals a day and wear a size 0. I’ve done it all injury, supplement, starvation and fad anything free. And yet people scoff when I give them (solicited at that) advice in the form of eat well and be active because “Shouldn’t have asked – what would (I) know, (I’m) skinny”.

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  2. Very true… we all need to find what works for us individually. We all have different bodies, what works for some will not work for others. Bottom line be happy in your own skin. Don’t let a DIET take the joy out of your life or others.

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  3. Worst is when people IDENTIFY themselves by their diet. “Hi, I’m ______. I’m a vegan.” Like, you can’t think of any other adjective to describe yourself? Tell me about your job! Your work! Your hobbies! You don’t to label your diet to “be” you.

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      • Oh, I love my grains, too! I just eat them very rarely anymore. I love homemade breads; the thicker, the better! As a part-Italian, I love pasta, too. My body isn’t very compatible with it, though, like some people are. I wish I could have it more regularly without the weight gain, but I can’t. I still love grains, though. Lol

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  4. I really liked this article and I the points I like the most are:- 1) Stick to what’s working for you and 2) Keep an open mind.

    I think the word diet immediately puts people into boxes, and indeed makes them feel like they’re in a ‘box’ which inevitably leads to them comparing this diet to that etc. It also indicates there’s a beginning and and ‘end’ which means at some point they will go back to how they were eating before the ‘diet’.

    If you can be open to new ideas, try them out, see if they work for you and then incorporate them into your lifestyle you will ultimately lead a better, healthier life. And that’s the whole point, doing what you can realistically do, over the long term. Doing what makes you happy and healthier while continuously learning, testing and incorporating new ideas into your health regime is where you want to be.

    So I think you showing, that what’s working for you isn’t necessarily what your friends/co-workers want to hear, gives other people more motivation to focus on what’s working for them instead of what’s popular, so I really liked this article, thank you!

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    • Thank you so much for taking the time to leave such a thoughtful and interesting comment. I agree with what you said about there being a beginning and an end, which is not the case with a sustainable lifestyle shift. Thanks for finding me on Insta too! 😊


  5. People are just insane! Why do people feel the need to shove their opinions down others’ throats? Religion, diets, fashion. It’s mental! I’m lactose intolerant and before that I was mainly a veggie, so I tried going vegan. But something’s I miss… like crispy bacon in a salad, or the odd bit of chocolate… I get some much stick for not being 100% vegan or something else someone else thinks I should be. I’m pretty healthy, I drink lots of water, exercise lots, eat a tonne of fruit and veg… I don’t see the problem! Must be very interesting for you at work 😂😂😂

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  6. Keep up the good work! Encouraging people, like you, inspire me to get back to work. I fell off the wagon when I had a “flare up” from a log term illness. Finally, I am ready to get back to hiking and runnin’ rituals, but my best buddy (my husband) is sick. I guess I’ll have to go at it alone for a bit, till he recovers ❤ Good luck and nice to cross paths with you on wp!

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    • Thank you so much for your lovely comment! I’m just coming to terms with being diagnosed with a long term illness, so I’m on the look out for motivation to keep my head high 😊 So nice to ‘meet’ you!

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      • It can be a little difficult to come to terms with, especially the physical changes, change in energy levels and so on. But, one of the hardest things of all is lack of support or understanding from others. I hope you gain much love, support and understanding. You look great and fit too, by the way, so would not worry so much about losing weight, read that some were advising you to lose weight. I would love to have arms like yours and you flat tummy!

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      • Thank you for sharing your experience. I’m very lucky that I’ve got a very supportive partner, he’s been amazing. That’s so kind of you to say! Losing weight is the last thing on my mind right now, I just want to maintain my health 😊

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