I am perfect

This week is Mental Health Awareness Week and it got me thinking about perception, body image and self love.

I’ve seen a few things on Instagram that all follow the same wave of “progress, not perfection.” And I get it, it’s meant to be a lesson in not getting hung up about perfectionism and total control and being happy with small steps. I get it, but also, I’m not sure I believe that. Progress is great in your external life, in your job or fitness or in learning a hobby. But on the inside, to constantly have to continually evolve, keep making progress, keep slogging on, it sounds exhausting. I actually believe it’s better to say you are already perfect, no progress required.

It’s not arrogance to say quietly to yourself that you are perfect, you are enough. If you were shouting it from the rooftops and forcing everyone else to agree, you might not be that popular. However, a little self-confidence talk to yourself is a completely different ball game. I would say it’s a key factor in self love and having positive body image.

I would love it if we could redefine “perfect”. Instead of it being this unattainable state, it was just our own personal way of thinking. Like, I made energy bites today, and they are not round, they aren’t uniform sizes and to be honest, they looked awful before they were covered in desiccated coconut. Yet they taste so fudgy, like something out of Willy Wonka’s factory, but without all the sugar and chemicals and rubbish that goes into sweets. They’ve got that chocolate peanut flavour I was aiming for. To you, they look crap. To me, they are perfect.


I think a lot of mental health revolves around how you talk to yourself. There is a lot of connotations around mental state and “voices in your head” and I’m not here to add to any stereotypes. Personally, I take note of what the voices in my head are saying. When I wake up in the morning, I could start a barrage of abuse in my own head about my spots and my big nose and my fuzzy eyebrows. Instead, I choose a pair of earrings for the day, put on a smile and whisper something kind to myself. I haven’t shared this with anyone before, revealed that I say a positive affirmation in the mornings, but it’s a little step towards self-appreciationΒ that sets me up for the day.

We are all perfect in our own way, even if we can’t see it ourselves all the time. When you were born, your parents thought you were perfect. Your lover thinks your perfect. Your friends think you’re the coolest thing since sliced *gluten free* bread. We are not things that need work, that need to be fixed in some way. I am perfect. You are perfect. We are already perfect. And it’s time we started to believe that.


27 thoughts on “I am perfect

  1. It really does take a shift in thinking to realize that we’re perfect the way we are in this moment because there’s so much noise out there telling us that we need to lose weight, do that exercise, eat that magic bean. It does take some inner work to learn to block out the noise, but when we do, the peace we find on the other side is priceless.

    Great to meet you!

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  2. Great post! I recently published a post on perfectionism (you’re welcome to read)and how we’re bombarded with it. We need to learn to embrace our imperfections and focus on strengthening our strengths

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  3. Great article! In fact, I had recently published a post on ‘perfecitonism’ and how we are bombarded by it (You’re welcome to read). We need to learn to embrace our flaws and strengthen our strengths

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