10 reasons I prefer not wearing make up

Make up, like so many things, is a very personal choice. Some people love it, loathe it, gain confidence from it, or feel better without it. I think I fall into the last category. I do enjoy getting dressed up and sweeping over some sparkly eye shadow, but I’ve never been one to use every product under the sun. Day to day, I like being fresh-faced and carefree, for many different reasons.


One. It’s cheap. Money not spent on cosmetics can instead be used to be buy lovely ingredients or wine.

Two. It reduces waste. I don’t have hundreds of plastic pots going to waste in a draw. I have a couple of items that I will use until the bitter end before replacing.

Three. It makes it quicker for me to get ready in the mornings.

Four. It helps my skin. I’m not prodding and poking at my face with brushes and sponges and wipes and pads and cotton wool balls. I think it helps to keep my skin clear by not clogging pores with face covering products. And I don’t need even more items to take it all off, just a simple face wash.

Five. I don’t leave a residue on pillow cases, clothes or my boyfriend. Lawrence tells me he like my make up-free face and I like being able to kiss him freely and gladly without worrying about lipgloss smears.

Six. It stops me from being too vain. When I’m wearing make up, I find myself constantly looking in the mirror (or any reflective surface really) to check that it looks ok and hasn’t messed up in the five minutes that I last checked. Removing make up removes this action completely, freeing up time for more important things, like eating.

Seven. I can rub my eyes if I get something in them without fear of streaks.

Eight. I can’t compare myself to others. If I’m not wearing any, I can’tย judge how my eyes look worse or my face looks patchy compared to so-and-so.

Nine. It allows me to get a clear picture of how my skin is doing. Skin can tell us so much about what’s going on inside the body, I don’t want to cover that up. The bags under my eyes tell me I need an early night. Dry lips tell me I need a big glass of water. Shiny eyes tell me I’ve been eating my broccoli and carrots and doing well.

Ten. It boosts my confidence. I saved the obvious one until last, but it’s actually true. I can go about my normal day without fear of judgement or worry about how I will be perceived. I don’t want to spend my life hiding my real face, or trying to conceal flaws that make me who I am. You might think that’s easy for me to say as I now have clear skin, but even when my acne was at it’s worst, I rarely used make up. Showing my spots forced me to be brave. As long as I eat well, sleep well and exercise, my skin remains calm and I feel quite pretty.

If you adore make up and love using it, go forth and look fabulous with your flawless contour. But if you’re a bit like me and see it as a chore or a nuisance, ditch it. Or reduce it to a level that you feel comfortable with. When I go out, I wear eye shadow, mascara and some form of lip balm. I feel pretty as a picture, and after all, isn’t that what make up is all about?


15 thoughts on “10 reasons I prefer not wearing make up

  1. I’m with you girl, I literally put mascara on once in a blue moon, oooo and I might go crazy and add a little eye liner on my top lid when I’m going somewhere really special!! Ha ha
    For me I’m not that clued up on makeup and even when I’ve had a makeover!!! I think I look like a clown!! I’m all about healthy looking skin by eating well, and using a good moisturiser, what you see is what you get!!!!

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    • Couldn’t agree more! I think I look silly with all the products on. I feel pretty and confident when I’m fresh faced with that healthy eating glow ๐Ÿ˜„ Thanks for stopping by!


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  3. Absolutely brilliant!

    I wholeheartedly agree with each & every point! I, too, am rarely seen in makeup preferring to save it for special occasions, not every day wear.

    Good on you for being so brave to say so ๐Ÿ˜

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  4. I don’t really wear makeup either. My skin is sensitive and foundation always made me break out so I stopped trying to wear it years ago. Now if I try to wear it, I feel like I have a mask on. If I’m trying to brighten up my eyes a bit I’ll throw on some eyeliner or mascara, but that’s about it. I’m too low maintenance I think ๐Ÿ™‚

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  5. 10 great reasons! Completely agree. Especially with ‘I donโ€™t want to spend my life hiding my real face, or trying to conceal flaws that make me who I am.’ ๐Ÿ™‚ I’ve found going without makeup is really freeing, and it’s encouraging to read about other people doing likewise ๐Ÿ™‚

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