Wholefood Haul Spring 2017

I hope you all had the most wonderful Easter weekend and are making the most of the lovely days off.

You know you’re into healthy food when you get some money for the holidays and immediately think of which ingredients you’re going to buy with it. My mother and grandmother kindly sent me some money for Easter “treats”. I’m sure they were thinking of big chocolate eggs, but as seen in my last post, that doesn’t really float my boat anymore. Instead, I went hunting over Easter weekend for wholefoods in the big Sainsbury’s near where we were staying.

To be honest, for a megastore, I was expecting more products that I haven’t seen before. It seems to be that Sainsbury’s are flagging behind Tesco and Morrisons, who are leading the way with decent free-from food. Just a shame that our local shops all seem to be Sainsbury’s. Still, I managed to snap up a few things I haven’t tried before.


I was looking for Nakd bars when I found the Trek Energy Chunks (£1.15). I’m a big fan of most things that Nakd/Trek produce so a pack went straight in the basket. And I do declare these delicious – the packet was natually opened on the drive home. I also picked up another Nakd Lemon Drizzle (75p), which I have sampled before but absolutely love.


The Coconut Peanut Butter (£2.50) has been catching my eye for awhile and I couldn’t resist it’s charms any longer. I have a vague idea about baking with it, but more than likely, I will be eating it by the spoonful.

I’ve been getting tired recently. Too tired than someone who mostly sleeps for 8 hours a night. In a bid to pick up my energy levels, I’ve invested in some vitamins. The ginseng (£3) is said to be a natural energy booster and I’ve been meaning to pick up a good multi vitamin (£3.50) for awhile.


I didn’t buy any Easter-related treats, but I can’t go shopping without buying some fancy chocolate! I tried the Doisy and Dam toasted rice and maple bar a couple of weeks back and loved it, so I wanted to try more flavours to find my favourite. They are definitely a treat at £2.50 per bar, but the flavours are so unlike anything else on the shelf. The Lemon and Baobab one is white chocolate which is a nice change of taste. I also got a dark chocolate one too; Coconut and Lucuma. I’ll be sure to post a review on Instagram!

It was nice to buy some treats for myself. I also came home with a new baking tray and a sieve! Anything food/kitchen related is my favourite kind of shopping. Where do you like to go shopping for your wholefoods? I’m hoping to go on a pilgrimage to London this year to visit some of the big guns, like Planet Organic and Wholefoods UK. What’s your favourite store where you live? It would be great to know places to get healthy goods if I ever go travelling again.


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