Main, grain and green

If you don’t know where to start in the dizzying world of healthy eating, begin with a bowl. Fill a quarter of it with a good grain, one that will keep you full, but tasty too. My favourites are brown basmati rice or brown rice pasta. Fill the next quarter with your main dish, something that you’ve been stirring up this evening. It could be a hot and smoky chilli, or a coconutty curry or a Bolognese packed with peppers and tomatoes. In the final half of your bowl, fill it with green vegetables. Tenderstem broccoli, garden peas, normal broccoli, asparagus, runner beans, a mix and match of whatever you like. By the time you’ve filled in the sections, you’re looking at a delicious bowl food that’s going to pack a good three of your ten a day, plus protein, carbs, fibre and a whole host of other vitamins.

I use the main, grain and green formula a lot when I’m thinking of ideas for dinners. It doesn’t always have to be kept separate either. You can mix the lot into a fantastic stir fry dish, or swap the grain for another carb source, like potatoes. A cottage pie would still be achieving this idea – the meaty main, the potato grain and some just-cooked broccoli on the side.

I think so many of us are worried about healthy eating, are we doing it right, are we ticking all the boxes, are we eating gram for gram the right amount of everything? I don’t want to be doing maths at meal times. Chill. Break it down into three, easy to remember sections; main, grain and green.

What do you think of my equation for a healthy meal? Do you agree? What does your balanced bowl look like? I would love to read all about it, so leave me a comment down below, or come say hi on Instagram or Twitter.


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