A dish for my mother

My mum used to come home from a long day of work, boil the kettle and grab pasta from the cupboard. She would fry up some halloumi slices and saute assorted vegetables as the pasta was cooking, then spoon out some green (rarely red) pesto from a jar, stir through and dig in. I’m sure she still does the same thing now, I’m just not around to see. On Mother’s Day, I made this meal in honour of my mum, featuring all of her favourites; a zingy fresh pesto, thick chunks of halloumi and a whole heap of onions, peppers and mushrooms. Happy Mother’s Day to all mums, but especially mine.


For my pesto pasta with halloumi, I sauteed one large pointed pepper, two onions and a whole punnet of chestnut mushrooms in a very large saucepan. I cooked 350g brown rice pasta from Doves. I made an adapted version of Deliciously Ella’s Brazil Nut and Rocket Pesto from her first book (minus the avocado and using rape seed oil instead of olive). I grilled a whole pack of halloumi. I mixed the lot together before topping with the grilled halloumi. Now I get to enjoy this dish all week, as it travels very well, perfect lunch box fare.


What’s your mother’s favourite dinner? I would love to read about it in the comments section below, or leave me a note on Instagram or Twitter. I’m always so nosy about people’s food choices!



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