The Big Dream

Going to Kate’s Cafe in Southampton at the weekend reignited my goal of owning and running my own cafe.

Everything will be blue and white, my favourite colour combination. All of the dishes will match, with co-ordinating fixtures and fittings. There will be light wood tables and chairs dotted around the space, with elegant menus in the middle. I see water colour paintings on the walls, plenty of light and a jazzy open/close sign.


I’ll open for breakfast at 7:30am sharp, firing up the coffee machine and making endless cups of tea. They’ll be a choice of porridge with or without banana, topped with your choice of maple syrup, peanut butter or honey (extra cost for all three!). You can either have mixed seeds or chopped nuts to sprinkle on top. The savoury option is eggs, anyway you like. They will be served with gluten free bread, freshly toasted and slathered with real, grass-fed butter. In my mind, I will make the bread from scratch every day, but I don’t think that is likely to happen!


Would you buy a bowlful?

As brunch slowly drifts into lunch time territory, I’ll get on the main dishes. I plan on offering two dishes a day, both served with brown rice and seasonal vegetables. So, you can either have creamy lentil curry or a black bean chilli, on a blue-rimmed plate or in a biodegradable takeaway container.

Don’t worry, there will be a counter of home made sweet treats too. My signature Banana Flapjacks will be front and centre, ready to be enjoyed with a late afternoon cuppa.

I’ve got the details all worked out, but, I’ll hold my hands up, I have no experience in running my own business, or mass catering. However, I’m willing to learn and I’m willing to try and I’m even willing to fail if it will turn my dream into my everyday life.

Do you like the sound of my cafe? I would love to read any suggestions of thing you would like to see in your ultimate cafe. Leave me a comment below, or come say hi on Insta/Twitter. Any ideas welcome, all in the name of market research.



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