What to spend your savings on

I’m reserved when it comes to spending money. Partly because I’m a squirrel by nature (forever tucking things away for rainy days) and partly because unnecessary spending adds to waste which harms the planet. But that doesn’t mean I never shop! I buy things that will last, things I need and things that bring me joy. Was it strictly necessary that I bought a food processor? No, but the hours I now spend happily whizzing away are priceless.

Saving money is not about becoming miserly and never having any fun. In my eyes, it’s about negotiating your priorities so you are able to bring more of the things you love into your life.

I believe in living debt free so saving money, at least at first, should be the method used to pay back debts and live normally without those chains. Then you can save for the fun stuff!

I love to travel. I spent six months last year travelling the world (or at least part of it) with Lawrence. It was truly an incredible time and I want to do it again, even if it’s on a smaller scale. When I was saving for travelling, it helped to remind myself that every time I said no to a DVD or odd bits of clothing, I was putting money aside for cocktails on the beach, or an elephant safari.Even now, I like to have a saving pot on the go for little adventures. There’s a zip wire experience in Wales with my name on it.


You can’t put a price on experiences.

Another great thing to spend your pennies on is upgrades. Say you love eating out. How nice would it be to spend freely on a cracking dinner, rather than scrambling coins together for a so-so meal? Saving money allows you to spend it on what makes you happy. I love to cook with wholefoods, so when I’ve got some spare cash, I love to raid my local organic stores and get some top quality ingredients. Celebrate your saving efforts with a reward. Of course, keeping some back is sound practice, but what is life without its little lifts?

Eventually, it would be wonderful to be in a financial position that would allow me to donate more frequently to good causes. But even though I’m not hugely flush right now, I still try to donate what I can to charity shops and make intermittent donations to charities. Invest in causes you believe in and use your money as a voice to declare your support. I like putting my money into wildlife charities and start ups that focus on organic practices.

What do you like to save for? I would love to hear all about the little things that bring joy to your day, that you just can’t help spending money on. Feel free to leave a comment below, or come say hi over on Instagram @boowholefoods 




2 thoughts on “What to spend your savings on

  1. I am enjoying your posts so much – I am, afraid to say rubbish at saving which is something that I have tried to change but failed. Reading your post has again inspired so I will be looking at my finances! By the way, where abouts in Africa did you visit? x


    • Thank you so much! Your support is so kind 🙂 I found it always starts small with saving, cutting back little by little and adjusting here and there will work more than big gestures. The photo was taken in a national park in Sri Lanka last year. Such a magical place!

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