Healthy snacks for travelling

I’m currently sitting in a chalet in the French Alps, with a view of the mountains straight ahead. It’s idyllic. But the fifteen hour car journey it took to get here was not so dreamy. There are a few tips to make this part easier; sip water regularly, nap when you can and download a couple of interesting podcasts. But having good food in your pack certainly makes the experience a bit more bearable.

Although I’ve done a lot of travelling in my time, I’m not that good at actual travelling. I get travel sickness, cramp and I always have to watch what I eat on the road because of being coeliac. So, I pack snacks. I find eating little and intermittently settles my stomach and fuels me for the journey. To be honest, in my view, if you’re sitting down all day, you don’t need big meals. Some of my favourite snacks are:

  • Apples, satsumas and bananas
  • Trail mix (measured, so I don’t indulge too much!)
  • Nakd bars
  • Home made energy bites
  • Flapjacks
  • Oatcakes

These are all quite plain, easy to transport and will keep well without being refrigerated. It’s so easy to munch through a bag of sweets, but the sugar rush will do you no favours. It won’t satisfy you and it will stop you getting some quality nap time. I stick to natural sugars (fruit, dried fruit, honey etc.) just like I do at home.

I also brought along a bag of pasta and the dry ingredients for overnight oats with me, just because you never know what you’ll be able to find abroad. I don’t bring everything I’m going to eat during my holiday with me, but it is nice to have some ingredients on standby.
What do you like to snack on during long journeys? Do you take food with you when you go on holiday? Tell me all about your latest adventure, I’m always looking for my next one!


6 thoughts on “Healthy snacks for travelling

  1. I love this! I bring fruit, nuts, dried fruit, canned sardines, kale chips, gluten free oats and tea. Sometimes I bring avocado and rice cakes too.

    Your blog is so refreshing! Thanks for sharing your life with us.

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  2. Ooo.. Its always good to be prepared! I love those bars and energy balls! They both looks delish! I’m traveling soon so I should bring some oats for myself cause my sister and I love overnight oats!

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  3. I love the idea of bringing pancakes on a trip! 🙂 I just visited my sister-in-law (3 hour road trip – 5 with kids! haha) and snacked on trail mix made with almonds, chocolate chips and Cheerios! Thanks for posting these great ideas!

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