Why pay for exercise?

My budgetting skills extend beyond my kitchen to cover other areas of my lifestyle, including my exercise regime. I’ve never paid for a gym membership, but I’m still working on improving my figure, without spending big bucks. I’d like to share my ideas for being fit on the cheap.

I don’t have piles of workout clothes. I have what I need, no more, no less. I don’t do a full wash every time I exercise either, using costly laundry detergents, water and electricity. A quick 20 minute cycle in the washing machine afte a sweaty session freshens my clothes up nicely.

I don’t pay for faddy gadgets. The only thing I did spend noticeable money on was a pair of Nike trainers. Not high tech, but important for getting exercise done and making sure I don’t injure myself in the process. I wear them all the time and try to keep them clean so they’ll last.

I don’t believe in paying big money for for an exercise regime. Some people need to invest before they can commit. Not me. £5 is my upper limit for exercise extras, like apps, e-books or fitness DVDs.

I utilise free exercise. It costs nothing to dance around my living room, or to walk around town, or to stretch in the morning. These bursts of integrated exercise can do wonders for your health.

YouTube! If ever there was such a fountain of free knowledge, YouTube is it. For one workout a week, I pick a 20min YT video and complete that workout. Some are better than others, sometimes I go back to my favourites, but as there are so many, you could quite easily have a brand new workout every day.

Fitness books are not bibles. I fell into the trap of buying fitness books when I had lower self-esteem than I do now. The thing I realised is that the women who write them are not normal people. Their day job is to exercise and because they are not restricted by an office environment, their work can be more fluid, thus allowing more time for movement. There is no doubt fitness types work incredibly hard, but I think you can’t look like the model if you have no hope of emulating their lifestyle. Abs are perfectly lovely, but I’ll be happy with a little less jiggle.

Leading on from my last point, the biggest way you can save money on exercise is acceptance. You could throw hundreds of pounds down the toilet in a bid to fight your way to the ‘perfect’ body, but is it worth it? Spend money on the Zumba class you take with your friends. Spend money on the trainers that make you smile every time you lace them up. Spend money on fun. Don’t spend a penny on anything that makes you feel worthless or unhappy or inadequate. They’re not worth a dime.


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