Home made and hand made

I’ve wanted a good food processor for awhile now because I’m such a foodie and I love to experiment in my kitchen. I used £40 of Christmas money to purchase a Kenwood Compact that does everything I dreamt of and more. I may not be able to afford a top of the range Magimix, but that doesn’t mean I should be excluded from certain recipes or foods. Wholefoods for all! I see the processor as an investment because it allows me to make more products myself, therefore reducing the cost.

Take, for example, Deliciously Ella’s Energy Bites. I have sampled these by buying them in Little Waitrose or my local Holland and Barrett where they retail at £1.99 a pop! Fine for a treat, but not cost effective day to day. Thanks to my processor, a recipe book and the online Mae Deli recipe, I can make them myself. By removing the need for packaging and controlling the size of each bite, you can dramatically reduce the price per ball.


Yesterday I made half a batch of Ginger and Cashew Energy Bites and a whole batch of Cinnamon and Honey Energy Bites. These are the costings of both below.

*Ingredients purchased at Sainsbury’s, some prices have been estimated.

Medjool dates – £2.15

Cashews – £2.50

Ground ginger – 10p

Oats – 3p

Almond butter – 30p

Honey – 20p

Cinnamon – 10p

= £5.38 divided by 26 balls, equals roughly 20p per ball – very different to £1.99!


Making your own is a fantastic way to save money, eat well and broaden your own horizons when it comes to food. It may look like an array of choice at the lunch time section of the supermarket, but really, it’s just a choice between one mass-produced product to another. You have endless possibilities in your kitchen, a whole world of culinary combinations to explore at every meal time. I don’t think many people with a full time job have time to make absolutely everything from scratch, I certainly don’t. But by preparing my own breakfasts and lunches for on the go and not relying on shop bought for my evening meals, I can fuel my body with wholefoods and save money too.


8 thoughts on “Home made and hand made

  1. I was lucky to get two very nice gift certificates when I retired (people thanking me for finally leaving? 😄) and I used one of them to buy an expensive stand mixer. Now I am able to make big loaves of gluten-free bread without wrecking my hand mixer!
    I love your energy bite recipe. Bookmarking it, thank you! 🙏🏻

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  2. Thanks for the tip. I’ve struggled with a Philips good processor for too long (Im too demanding of its prowess) and “luck” (bad or otherwise) has it that the bowl slipped out of my hands and broke. I could replace it for £20 or invest in a new one. Does the Kenwood do nut butters by any chance?

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    • Oh I’m sorry to hear that. I love my Kenwood, it hasn’t let me down once. I must admit, I haven’t tried making nut butter with it, but it does make a very smooth pesto 😊 Hope that helps!


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