Step Six: Leftovers

We’ve made it to the final step in my Healthy Eating on a Budget series. I’ve had some truly wonderful feedback and I can’t tell you how happy that makes me. I’m on a mission to get everyone eating wholefoods! So. What to do when you’ve made a delicious meal and you still have some or some ingredient leftover?

I think the thing that seperates the two types of leftovers is whether or not they’re planned. If you buy/make excess food, leave it languishing in the fridge and then eventually throw it out, you’re basically wasting money and chucking all the resources that went into growing that food in the bin. On the other hand, by organising your meals to incorporate your leftovers, you can save yourself time and money and save the planet to boot.

This is kind of what meal planning is about, up whilst meal planning might be thought of ahead of time, leftovers are an after though, after the cooking has taken place. Leftovers, in my view, are the odds and ends of ingredients (not many, thanks to your shopping list!) that you will inevitably have going spare. This might be because some meals just didn’t happen or you needed to adapt for guests. It’s good to have a few recipes up your sleeve to make the most of those bonus ingredients.

I steam or roast vegetables that are on the turn the blend with stock and seasoning to make soup. I whizz up pesto using the last chunk of Parmesan and whatever leaf I’ve got floating around. Milk rarely has a chance to go off in our house, but if I did have a surplus, it would go straight into pancakes.

The freezer and leftovers are BFF – slice and freeze overripe bananas, freeze spare rolls, store the rest of a jar of tomato puree in an ice cube tray. The possibilities are wonderous!

Some people find it tempting to have leftovers nearby and they keep picking at it until it’s no longer another meal! My top tips for avoiding this is to either freeze the portion as soon as it’s cool, or reconsider your portion size. Are you eating too little at dinner then picking all evening? I have a hearty dinner and a small sweet which tides me over until morning. Make sure you eat until you’re satisfied. Not stuffed, but full. Don’t believe the magazines – you can’t cheat your hunger.

Although this series is now finished, I’ve got more plenty more posts coming up in January to help you save money and eat well, including cheap recipes and exercising on a budget. Stay tuned!


3 thoughts on “Step Six: Leftovers

  1. Great series! My favorite leftover hack is to use what is left from last night’s supper as a hash for breakfast or to top my salad at lunch. We never have enough left for a full meal and this keeps me from wasting food.

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