Step Five: Cooking!

At last, all the previous efforts have been worthwhile and we can finally get in the kitchen and cook up a storm. This whole post is personal, as I’m describing my eating habits and what I like to cook. You’re most likely different. You might stay away from cheese or love pork or want to eat peas every night. Nonetheless, I hope the ideas I share might spark some cooking inspiration.

The cheapest meals are vegetarian as meat costs more as an ingredient. That being said, you can still eat meat regularly if you are willing to cut down on the amount you eat. For example, instead of using 500g mince to serve 2, split it, save it, use 250g to make a beaut shepherd’s piethat serves two, and use the other 250g to make spiced lamb with squash (this is what I did this week). The key tip here is adding extra vegetables. They will not only bulk out the meat into a satisfying meal, they are cheap and taste delicious! It’s a win on all front really to add more veggies to your plate.

As for meals themselves, these are my staples that I will more often than not make every week:

Spaghetti Bolognese – organic beef mince, red pepper, onion, maybe a courgette if it’s the right time of year, or maybe some spinach (Lawrence abhors mushrooms, but of course you could add some) plus passata or a jar of organic tomato and basil sauce (the Seeds of Change one is the best.). Served with brown rice spaghetti normally.

Cottage/Shepherd’s Pie – beef or lamb mince respectively, onions, carrots, peas with a potato mash, or sometimes a root veg mash. I made parsnip and potato mash this week and oh boy, it was tasty.

Chilli Con Carne – are you sensing a mince theme here? The thing is, organic beef mince is great value when you’re sticking to a budget. Plus it makes hearty dishes that are perfect all year round. All the veggies make their way into a chilli, plus a tin of kidney beans too. Served with brown rice.

Vegetable Curry – I make this a lot for Lawrence’s lunchboxes too. It’s all the veggies, plus chickpeas, plus half a jar of curry paste, plus some chopped tomatoes and a whole heap of brown rice and peas. Super good.

I experiement a little bit with dinner, more so at the weekend, but I do like to change my lunch option week by week. I take inspiration from Deliciously Ella with her fantastic lunchboxes, so things like sweet potato and houmous, veggie stews, lemon brown rice, chopping salads with beans, all sorts and it all depends what I’m in the mood for. I like to snack on apples and Nakd bars almost exclusively.

I’m so boring when it comes to weekday breakfasts. It’s either going to be porridge or overnight oats. I make my overnight ones by putting mixed seeds, almond flakes, sultanas, oats and cinnamon in a jar, shaking it to combine, filling to the top with almond milk, then adding the slightest hint of maple syrup. I then leave it in the fridge overnight (funnily enough) and stir it through with defrosted frozen berries in the morning. It’s filling, creamy and excellent fuel for the working day.

I save the fancy porridge for the weekends!

I enjoyed sharing tips from my wholefoodie kitchen, and now I would love to hear yours! Feel free to share your favourite wholefood recipe in the comments section below. Or you can find me on Instagram @boowholefoods or on Twitter @boo_wholefoods.



3 thoughts on “Step Five: Cooking!

  1. I love this. You don’t know how good it is to hear the basic meals in your planning – good old Shepards Pie & Chilli.
    I am loving the idea of veg curry and I think I am going to adopt that. What curry paste do you use??

    Very inspiring again thank you x


    • That’s so kind of you to say, thank you. I think the basic meals are filled with wholefoods, just not the same ones that are “on trend” at the moment. I was using up some Sainsbury’s own brand tikka paste which is delicious or Geo Organics range 😊

      Liked by 1 person

      • Totally agree with what you say.
        I have Deliciously Ella book – I might tap into that a little more. Although I am “following” #leanin15 at the mo which does seem to work for me! I am not hungry!!
        Thanks for the tips – please keep posting, very inspiring x


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