New Year, New Us

“So this is Christmas And what have you done Another year older And a new one just begun.” – John and Yoko

Do you feel wistful at Christmas time? I do. For me, it’s a time that I reflect; survey what has gone well, what I’d like to improve and consider what steps I could take as the new year rolls in. 

I’ve seen a couple of articles lately about how damaging making new year’s resolutions can be, and I honestly disagree. I think taking time to set goals for yourself can only be a good thing. That said, I don’t think it should be e only time in the year that you check in with your ideals. Also, new year resolutions are often harsh, pinpointing insecurities and making you feel tiny when you never quite hit the mark. What a horrible note to start the year on. I must lose weight, I have to start exercising, I will cut carbs this year. Let’s not, let’s do things a different way by gently suggesting an ideal you would like to work towards. For me, I would like to increase my support of local producers and I would like to move towards a predominantly organic lifestyle. I would also looks to grow my social media accounts in order to have a positive impact on the world. These are goals that are tangible, with necessary stepping stones that can be easily tracked, but without the cut throat nature of a deadline. Say it gets to December 2017 and I’ve not managed to live a 100% organic, local lifestyle – that’s ok. I’ve made positive steps towards improving my character and happiness level and what more could you ask for than that. 

My personality responds well to small steps leading to big goals. Little and often rather than all or nothing. Are you like that? What would you like to work towards in 2017? I would love to hear all about it. 

I hope you’re enjoying a wonderful festive season, filled with all of your favourite things. Merry Christmas!


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