Supertreats Review

I’m not sure what I was expecting from chocolate made from carob and no refined sugar, but it certainly wasn’t the creamy, sweet goodness I discovered when I unwrapped my first bar.

Virpi, founder of Supertreats Ltd, kindly sent me six bars to review; three Silky Milky and three Merry Berry. The names say it all. The chocolate is smooth and perfectly sweet, thanks to the addition of coconut blossom nectar. I loved the crunchy bits in the Berry bar, it felt very decadent. I also love that the Supertreats website goes into detail about the lesser-known ingredients, showing fantastic transparency which is rare in a chocolate company.

Although the treats seem to be mainly marketed for children, I think they make a brilliant alternative to late night choc snacks for adults too. As they don’t contain any caffeine or sugar, they won’t keep you wide awake at bed time! The bar is a satisfying size without being excessive.

Made with wholefood ingredients, organic and a UK-based company, these lovely little chocolate bars tick all of the ideal boxes. You can buy a box of 12 for £22.78 on Amazon, which, to be honest, is more than I was expecting, as it equates to £1.90 a bar. However, you have to be prepared to pay for quality products. By supporting local, individual business, we can increase demand and therefore bring the price down over time. I’d rather fund a treat I believe in then add more money to the Cadbury cash cow. (Who no longer have a factory in the UK, recently removed themselves from the Fairtrade organisation and are non-organic. Just saying.)

Supertreats are stocked in stores mainly in London, but I’m hoping they will expand soon, particularly to the South West! It would be wonderful to pick up a chocolate bar that satisfies my body as well as my soul.


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