My list for Santa (or the Easter Bunny, or the Birthday Fairy)

I barely shop for make up or other cosmetics, I don’t often buy clothes or accessories. But when it comes to food, or anything related to the making/enjoyment of food, you can take my money. Take every last penny and leave me with all the good stuff; recipe books, ingredients, old favourites, new equipment and all that’s in between. I always have my eye on something new for my kitchen, but it’s around Christmas time that I truly think about gifts I would love to receive, even if I buy them myself! 

Here’s my little list of treats that I’m wishing for. Even if they don’t appear under the Christmas tree, there’s always a chance later on in the new year for them to find their way into my kitchen. 

Kenwood Food Processor

I’ve been doing my research on power levels and such, but ultimately, the model of Kenwood I buy will depend on price. I’ve got my fingers crossed for good prices in the January sales. I want to make my own houmous and pesto, then perhaps graduate to making my own nut butter and nut milk. This piece of equipment will add a whole new dimension to my cooking. 

Deliciously Ella Book Three

The latest Ella instalment is not out until January, but it’s already got a spot on my wish list. The book itself looks beautiful, and I can’t wait to see the new recipes. I’m mostly hoping it will have a picture of three radishes on the spine so it will match on my shelf with the other two. Little things. 

Le Creuset Casserole 

I want a large, blue one that I can cook a mean beef stew in, plus, you know, every other single thing I cook too.

LEON Fast and Free Book

Also out in January, I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw this. A completely gluten free recipe book from the masters at LEON, I know it’s going to become my new kitchen bible. 

Montezumas Christmas Truffles Collection

What is Christmas without a sweet treat? I haven’t sampled these chocolates yet, but they look so adorable. If I don’t find any in my stocking, I might treat myself after the big day, when they might be a little cheaper. I’m always on the look out for a bargain! 

What are you hoping to wake up to on Christmas morning? Or maybe you get your gifts on a different data? Tell me all about it in the comments section below. 


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