You CAN afford to eat well

A major theme of my blog and my entire social media platform is wholefoods for all. I think nourishing, wholesome food should be available and enjoyed by everyone, irregardless of financial status. Sure, it can be easier if you have more pennies in the pot to start with, but it’s not impossible, even with the most humble of budgets. 

I think the notion that healthy eating is expensive is unfounded. The pillars of a balanced diet are, in my view, whole grains carbohydrates (oats, brown rice etc), fruit (any), vegetables (any), protein sources (organic beef mince, beans, lentils etc), chocolate (occasionally) and wine (rarely). None of these, particularly the first four, are ridiculously expensive. People see the cost of coconut ice cream compared to cheap vanilla and shriek that healthy eating is out of their price range. These are the same people that probably would believe you that you can make a hearty chickpea and vegetable curry for four and still have change from a fiver.

The amount of money that gets thrown away on quick fix, damaging, unhealthy weight loss products astounds me. I have colleagues who spend a fortune on starving themselves during the week, blow more money on a huge takeaway at the weekend, then tell me that they could never afford organic produce. It’s a cycle that I feel could be broken by focusing solely on nutrient-dense, unprocessed food, and enough of it too.

My method is to keep my main ingredients simple and keep luxurious frozen co-yo for high days and holidays. It works for me and it may well work for you; why not give it a go and tell me how you get on? 


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