In the Nood energy ball review

I approached In The Nood to request a sample to review because they are a UK company and their product is gluten free and packed with wholefoods. Their energy ball mixes also appealed to me because they didn’t require fancy equipment. They seemed like an excellent alternative to buying all the ingredients for energy balls seperately – it all came in one pack. 

The sample arrived and the flavour was Crunchy Cacao Chip. Excellent, right up my street, although the other flavours of Orange and Cacao and Protein Mix sound just as delicious. I thought I was following the instructions when I removed the packaging and laid out the contents , ready to roll . . . 

. . . But apparently not. 

I’m almost certain that this is my error, that the mix was not warmed correctly, or I remove the plastic wrap too early in the process, but I couldn’t for the life of me get the mixture to stick. Neat little balls? I could barely get a patted lump together. Like I said, I’m sure it was my mistake, but I thought the convenience of having a pre-prepared mix was to cut down on the amount of time spent making it. I nibbled on the crumbs, which had an excellent flavour and clearly packed full of nuts and chocolatey too. I left the rest of the mix in cubes, ready to snack on throughout the week. 

When made correctly, getting six energy balls for ¬£4.99 is a good deal by anyone’s standard. Perhaps my single-glazed kitchen was too cold to have any hope of rolling out, or maybe the old adage still rings true, that home made is always best. 


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