Equinox Kombucha Review

I have something in common with the lovely people over at Equinox Kombucha. We both discovered the tingling taste of kombucha whilst back packing in Asia. Ever since my first sip at a vegan cafe in Pai, Thailand, I’ve wanted to secure a constant supply. Originally from China, kombucha is a fermented green tea drink that contains antioxidants, good live bacteria and B Vitamins. It’s said to benefit digestion, boost immunity and increase energy levels. 

I’m definitely one for energy balls, superfoods and gut healers, but surprisingly enough, my boyfriend Lawrence has got a real taste for kombucha. He loves the fresh, tart taste and a fizzy drink that isn’t puckeringly sweet. Lawrence has to be gently encouraged towards sweet potatoes wedges and eating his greens, but we had to share the first bottle of booch! 

We opened the bottle of  Elderflower and Raspberry last weekend. I had to smell before I had my first taste, as I normally do with a new food or drink. It was vibrant and zesty, with only a hint of raspberry that blossomed as soon as I tipped the glass to drink. The addition of elderflower creates a flavour that reminds me of fresh peaches, sweet, but utterly drinkable. I would quite happily order a case for a summer occasion. As well as a refreshing beverage in the warmer months, I think it would be very good around the upcoming holiday season to settle your digestion after any indulgences. 

Kombucha is also touted as a hangover cure. I’m not sure about that, but we did decide to try one of the cocktail recipes featured on Equinox’s website. I added a shot of spiced rum and a little lime juice to a glass before topping up with Ginger kombucha. It was delicious! This kind of healthy cocktail is set to rise in 2017, with the Hemsley sisters being amongst the first to add a snifter to their kombucha. 

I personally think £10 for a pack of four bottles is a good deal, especially when compared to probiotic yogurts or other pricey supplements for gut flora. As a Yorkshire-based company who began by selling at their local market, Equinox are still in the fledging stage of their business, but developing quickly. I would like to see them produce larger bottles that are suitable for sharing, but that would be my only suggestion for improvement. 

If you first sampled kombucha abroad in your gap year, this drink will bring back all those joyful memories. If you have never tasted kombucha before, I urge your to treat your tummy and start with a berry flavour. A fizzy drink that is good for your gut, tastes amazing and packed with antioxidants? I’ll raise a glass to that. 


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