Something out of nothing

I like to make the most of my ingredients. I’ve spent a pretty penny on them and I don’t want to throw that money straight in the bin. I can’t abide food waste, so I like to use up everything I’ve got, even if at first glance, it doesn’t look like a meal. I was foraging for lunch for Lawrence and I and found half a bag of rocket, the last little end of Parmesan and a small bag of Brazil nuts (a work snack that never was). 

These are the sort of odds and ends that could end up in the bin, but instead were whizzed up with 4tsp olive oil, seasoning, half a teaspoon of dried basil and a quarter cup of water to make a delicious pesto. Purists would shudder, but it made a zingy pasta sauce and just the right amount for lunch time. It’s a satisfying feeling when you can create a meal from extras; it felt like a free lunch! 

I was in need of lunch for just me today and for awhile, I was staring blankly at the cupboards. The easiest option would have been to go out, pay over the odds for so,etching tasteless, eat it in haste and forget about it. I didn’t want to spend money unnecessarily but I didn’t particularly feel like launching into a big cooking session either. I took a step back, listened to my body and really thought about what I wanted to eat. Turns out, I had a massive craving for porridge. I had all the ingredients in my cupboards, plus a banana from the freezer and a pic’n’mix of toppings to choose from. Quick, easy, filling and utterly scrumptious, it ticked all the boxes for me.

I think looking beyond the standard confines of meals is a great way to help cut down on food waste, as well as satisfying your tummy. Savoury dishes for breakfast, sweet ones for lunch and anything your stomach desires for dinner! 

I think that by being inventive with your ingredients and flexible with your eating pattern, you can cut waste, afford organic produce and enjoy every meal time. 


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