The Stable Pizza review

I’ve never been cool. I don’t have any tatoos or unusual piercings. I don’t go to nightclubs or buy clothes in cute boutiques. My shoes are comfortable, I’m in bed by eleven and I always eat breakfast. I thought I might feel a bit out of place when we first stepped in to Stable Pizza, with its benches, candles and enormous bar. But actually, as soon as I had a half of Dorest blush cider in hand, I settled into the environment swiftly. 

Lawrence and I were part of a group having dinner before a concert. Drinks and pizza is a match made in heaven for me, so I was delighted when my chosen dish arrived. With a seperate prep space and different oven, I felt perfectly relaxed biting into my first slice of The Cliftn Suspender; free range chicken (a big plus), roasted red peppers, mushrooms and mozzarella. There was a generous amount of topping and it always pleases me when my “special” pizza looks somewhat similar to everyone else’s in the party. The base was spongy, I’ve had better, but the flavour on top was delicious. One unusual trait of The Stable Pizza is that they add a surcharge for a gluten free base. It’s only one pound, but I thought that practice had died out as awareness increased, sadly not. 

Stable also serves pies for gluten eaters, but everyone on our table opted for pizza. It was refreshing to see experimental combination in the pizza menu – goats cheese with toasted hazelnuts, herbed potato with blue cheese and marinated lamb with sweet potato just to name a few. 

The meal was probably a couple of pounds more than you would expect to pay at Pizza Express or the like, but I think it was worth it for the immense flavours and surprisingly enough, the relaxed atmosphere. 


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