Time for tea

I have no paticular attachment to coffee like I do for tea. Coffee makes me think of cafes and long chats with friends and chocolate brownies. Pleasant, but not the same nostalgic surge like a nice cup of tea. I have yet to discover an issue that couldn’t be solved over a cup of tea, or a glass of wine, but that’s for another post. Tea is an essential part of my day, I don’t know if I could get through without it. I have a different type for different moments throughout the day as they each serve a different purpose.

My morning cup of tea is practical, a little lift to start the day on the right footing. I either take it in a flask to work or savour a large cup of it in bed at the weekends and I thoroughly enjoy partaking in the recognisable British brew, milk, no sugar. We all have a favourite mug for our cuppa, reached for by habit or in times of crisis. It’s not fancy, but it’s dependable.

I don’t think I’ve ever had a cup of green tea that wasn’t flavoured. Lemon, orange blossom, matcha and more, green tea is a wonderful carrier for all kinds of exotic flavours. I make a teacup of green tea when I get home from work. It’s a signal for a pause in the day, to stop, sit and sip. The vibrant taste perks me up after the working day, but contains little to no caffeine, so I can still relax. Whether the supposed health benefits are true or not, green tea is a worthwhile part of my tea routine.

My nightly cup of camomile is perhaps my favourite tea break. I often have it in bed, curled up with a cookbook, as it helps me to wind down and prepare for sleep. Perhaps it’s also my favourite because Lawrence has recently joined in with this ritual. We often talk over camomile tea, just about our day or current events. I like the feeling of going to bed with something warm in your tummy, without the spike from sugary desserts or drinks.

I also like chai tea and an Earl Grey always signals a happy occasion, but they don’t feature daily like the three teas mentioned above. What tea (or hot drink) do you enjoy every day? Are you more of a coffee persona? I would love to hear about your habits in the comments.


2 thoughts on “Time for tea

  1. Hi, I’ve Loved reading all about your tea routine, I’m quite new to flavored tea! I used to always have coffee in the morning, then a good old builders tea (milk and sugar) later in the day! I still have coffee in the morning but it’s after a large glass of lemon water and my mug of coffee has shrunk to an espresso with a dollop of full fat cream! I then drink water all day until about 4pm which is when I have a lovely cup of peppermint Or green tea it has to be in a China cup!!! (In my opinion it tastes better) ha ha


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