My Ethics

I have wrote about what I like to eat and and few of my favourite influences, but I thought I would branch out with today’s Seven Days of Me post to share my ideas and believes surrounding the ethics of food and how it influences me when I’m shopping or eating it.

I believe that what we eat and our shopping habits have more impact on the environment than any other factor. I have no scientific evidence to support that claim, but I personally think that if we all paid more attention to our every day consumption, the planet would be in much better shape than it is at the moment. Ocean population decline, deforestation, melting ice caps, rising acid levels in the soil – I could rant for days about the ecological impact our luxuries have on the natural world, and maybe I will do just that in a future post. But for now, I would like to share ideas and positive actions on how we could turn the tide.

Buying organic food/products – better animal welfare, better care of the soil, better flavour – I see no downside to purchasing as many organic products as your budget allows.

Boycotting palm oil – I’m not 100% perfect on this yet, because palm oil is deeply integrated into modern products. But if one items contains palm oil and the other doesn’t, I will always buy the free from one. I think of Borneo every time I see palm oil on a label and I don’t want to fund an industry relies on the deforestation of crucial habitats. Look out for it in chocolate, stock cubes and ice cream.

Resisting overconsumption – we need to purchase things; we need clothes to wear and food to eat. But why buy ten tops, wear two and then shove the rest in a drawer so they never see the light of day again? I try to buy clothing when I need it, not just because it catches my eye. It’s the same with food. I’m so bad for this because I love stocking the cupboards, but buying more than you need is wasteful, especially when that food ends up in landfill. Buy what you need, cook with care and compost the scraps.

I hope that’s given you an idea of what my blog will revolve around in the future. What do you believe when it comes to food ethics? I would love to read your opinions in the comment section below.

See you back here tomorrow  for a post all about exercise.



2 thoughts on “My Ethics

  1. Hi,
    I must sadly confess that I’ve not really thought about the planet whilst making my food choices, I do buy organic a lot but for reasons of health and goodness,
    however some of your comments have hit home and it is definitely something I will be considering in the future, such a fascinating read, I look forward for more of this In the weeks to come. Thanks


    • It’s perfectly understandable to not have considered environmental impact, it’s not talked about enough. It’s great that you buy plenty of organic food already, the Soil Association website is a fab place to find out more info on the impact of farming if you’re interested 😊 Thanks for stopping by!


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