My Food and Favourite Ingredients

I’m really enjoying the routine of coming home from work each day and writing a blog post. It’s been awhile since I had a writing schedule like this, and I like it. For today’s Seven Days of Me post, I’m talking about my food habits as well as some of my favourite items to have to hand.

I have been gluten free for four years. During the end of my first year at University, I was getting horrible stomach cramps, being sick “randomly” and I was always tired after I ate. When I was in Glastonbury for the summer, I searched for answers on NHS Direct. I found the food intolerance page, promptly stopped eating anything that contained gluten and felt so much better within a couple of days. With hindsight, I now know I should have carried on eating my normal diet and had a blood test done by my GP to certify me as coeliac. But I was so sick of feeling crappy all the time that I just took the first solution that was offered to me; stop eating gluten. I’ve never looked back, so whilst I may not technically be diagnosed as coeliac, I never touch it, not even once in awhile or for special occasions.

Gluten free is my only rule – outside of that, anything goes! It’s not often I come across a food I don’t like and I love to experiment with new ingredients. I try to stick to a balanced plate at every meal, meaning proteins, fats and carbs all feature. It’s not always nutritionally perfect, but that’s what a balanced lifestyle is all about.

My biggest weaknesses are red wine and organic chocolate. I don’t really go much for standard chocolate bars or sweets, but organic chocolates are heavenly. My favourite brands are Montezuma’s, Booja Booja and Green & Black’s.

I don’t tend to eat a lot of bread because the gluten free versions can be stuffed with all kinds of crap. My carb sources tend to be oats, rice, brown rice pasta, sweet potatoes and regular potatoes. I try to switch them up for my evening meal, so we don’t end up eating rice five times a week!

I am a meat-eater and buy the best quality I can afford. I don’t think meat is crucial to a good meal though, so we do interchange with vegetarian dinners. I’m very aware of the environmental impact of eating fish, so I probably have it once a fortnight and supplement with a daily fish oil tablet.

You would be hard pressed to find a fruit or vegetable I don’t eat! I even managed to fall in love with pineapple and coconut when I was travelling earlier this year. I eat an apple a day and only sometimes is it covered in peanut butter.

My favourite foods, things that I always have in my kitchen, are (in no particular order): carrots, peanut butter, apples, sweet potatoes, Nakd bars, honey, houmous (all flavours!), porridge oats and brown rice spaghetti.

I like to eat a varied, wholefoods-based diet because of how it makes me feel. Aesthetic reasons are nice too, but it’s what’s happening on the inside that counts.



4 thoughts on “My Food and Favourite Ingredients

  1. Hi,
    I’m really enjoying your posts, I think we eat very similar things! I also try not to eat refined sugars! I have so much more energy since cutting back,
    I’ve loved your inspirational pic’s on instagram and am hoping you will be posting the recipes to them? Keep up the good work!


    • Hi Erica, thank you so much for this lovely comment. I will definitely be posting recipes, especially when this first week of blog posts is over. I plan on writing three times a week, with one post always being a recipe. Thank you for your wonderful support, this comment enters you into the giveaway!


    • Thank you so much! I’m afraid that bread was bought at an independent bakery in Woking for me, so I don’t know the name unfortunately. I hope you like my recipes, I’ve got lots planned for the future.


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