My Influences

Inspiration comes from a huge range of sources, far too many to list here. So for my second Seven Days of Me blog post, I thought I would share my favourite healthy lifestyle books and why they inspire me.

Deliciously Ella & Deliciously Ella Every Day by Ella Mills

Ella sets a kindly tone in both her books. She writes about the practicalities of sourcing and budgetting for ingredients. I think her recipes are truly innovative, especially when it comes to turning old favourites into modern dishes, like her mince pie recipe for example. I like that there are no rules with Ella either, she just expresses her passion for eating wholefoods, which is an ethos I can definitely get on board with.

The Art of Eating Well & Good and Simple by Jasmine and Melissa Hemsley

I turn to the Hemsley sisters when I’m looking for a special recipe – something cheffy, that’s going to take a bit more time in the kitchen. The ingredients list might be longer than some of the other books mentioned here, but the flavours are more complex. Pablo’s Chicken has become a firm favourite in my mum’s, my sister’s and my own household. Although the pair have good tips on seasonal produce and buying organic, I’ve never felt it necessary to follow their food combining rules. I prefer to stick to a balanced plate that features all the food groups.

The Body Bible by Cameron Diaz

Talking of balance, Ms Diaz sums it up perfectly in this book. I return to this bible time and time again, because it presents scientific information in an approachable and enjoyable way. This book always encourages me towards a healthier life as it clearly states the downsides of the alternative. It’s not a stark read though, it’s full of positive affirmations and knowledge. 

Naturally Sassy by Saskia Gregson-Williams

I feel like Sassy is perhaps the underdog of the healthy eating world. With only one cookbook and no cafe to speak of (yet!), she’s not quite on the same level as her competitors. Goodness know why though, as this book is full of simple, nutritious ideas, plus entire sections on how to create smoothie, porridge and balance bowls. She’s another one that wanders dangerously close to pseudo science, but her recipes make me forgive her. Her banana pancake is one of the best. 

Less Meat, More Veg by Rachel de Thample

This is another more complex book in terms of ingredient lists and is best for a special occasion. I love the way Rachel writes about her love of leftovers and the importance of plenty of vegetables and fruit in your diet. This book certainly gets you thinking about the origin of produce too and was a big influence for switching me on to organic food. I always follow her recipe when I cook a roast chicken; the roasted butternut squash with garlic is amazing. 

I hope you enjoyed my list, maybe you’ve even spotted something that has inspired you. Let me know in the comments below and you will be automatically entered into a wholefoods giveaway, details of which can be found on my Instagram. 

See you tomorrow,



2 thoughts on “My Influences

  1. Love your list and how thoroughly you describe the reasons you go back to them again and again 😊 I’ve been meaning to get Cameron ‘ s book for a while now and hearing from you that it’s actually worth it is perhaps the sign I’ve been waiting for πŸ˜„ Keep the inspiring posts coming!


    • Thank you sweetie! I thought it was going to be a rubbish Hollywood book when I borrowed it from the library a couple of years back. But it was so good, I ordered my own copy! Definitely worth a read 😊


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