Welcome to Boo Wholefoods

Thank you for joining me at the very beginning of this exciting adventure. My dream is to write about healthy, wholesome food and develop an online career around this subject. I love connecting with people through social media to share ideas and provide inspiration.

I believe that what we eat, the exercise we do and how we treat the natural world are all connected. The more we can do in our own homes to prevent rainforest destruction, preserve finite resources and stop world hunger, the better. I think that this can lead to a healthier diet, increased movement and greater contentment – all of which being ingredients for a happy life. I’m not advocating living off the grid and never having pizza! I’m more about small, significant changes we can all do to lessen our impact on the planet, as well as increasing our own happiness and health.

Boo Wholefoods is my platform for my ideas, alongside recipe posts, tips on green living and showcasing others who love food just as much as me. I would love to hear what type of posts you would like to see, so please leave a comment in the section below. You can follow me on Twitter and Instagram too, using the links on the right.

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